Terms and Condition

  • Investor should be resident of India and He\She should have completed the 18-year Age.
  • Investor should have a valid Pancard. Pancard will be mentioned in all financial transaction.
  • We never take cash or give cash to investor. All the financial transaction should be done by Cheque or online Transfer e.g. IMPS, NEFT and RTGS.
  • We do not have any franchise or offline business mode. Please do not give cash to any one even he\she is clamming from “The Future Investors”
  • The investment amount from a person is 10000 INR Minimum and 200000 INR is maximum  
  • You will get your monthly return on the same date of next month. E.g. if you have invested 1 Jan 2018 then you will get your monthly returns on 1 Feb 2018 or Next working day in case of bank holiday
  • You can withdraw your fund after completing 1 month. To withdraw your investment amount you need to notify us by Email or Message through registered mobile number before 1 month in advance.
  • Once you withdraw your Investment Or Principal amount, you will no more entitled to get benefit from monthly returns
  • Investor should have to return the security cheque and original agreement paper in order to get the principle amount
  • Investor should deposit the security cheque only after consent from us else we will not be responsible in-case cheque get bounced
  • The investor will get their monthly returns after deduction of all taxes. Investor is liable to pay the application taxes as per RBI guideline on their income.
  • We are not registered with Any of RBI entities such SEBI, SEC etc. We are an investment firm who take the money from investor and give them a fix monthly return as per selected scheme. We promise to give investors monthly return irrespective of our own Profit or Loss.

Calculation For Monthly Return

If you invest 100000 at 2% Monthly return then you will get 2000 INR (10000*2/100=2000)

If you invest 100000 at 3% Monthly return then you will get 3000 INR (10000*3/100=3000)

If you invest 100000 at 5% Monthly return then you will get 5000 INR (10000*5/100=5000)