Get Fix Monthly Income

Get fix monthly income. Invest one time and enjoy life time. No one will guarantee you 5-10% fix monthly return but we do. Hurry-up offer is valid for initial member only!! 

Fix Monthly Investment plan

Scheme Terms & Conditions

Change of scheme for investor

Change of scheme is not allowed before completing one month. If you have taken the scheme by two subsequent payment then it will be considered as two investment and based on scheme bracket your returns will be given.

Third Party Payment not allowed

We will not accept payment from third party or give payment to third party. Payment will be given to registered member account only. Although you can make payment on behalf of your family members.

Cheque bounce penalty

If you have done your investment through Cheque payment and if it get bounced then you have to Pay 1000 INR as Penalty along with Scheme amount

Change in scheme

Scheme\Plan will be revised as per firm directions and decisions time to time. Existing member will get their returns as per agreed returns plan. New Plan changes will not affect existing member returns

Closing Scheme

Firm has full rights to close any scheme without any advance notice or consent from investors.

Although Investor will get there next month  returns along with principle amount. Firm will inform members about closing of scheme by email or SMS. 

How and when principle amount can be withdrawn

Investor can withdraw their fund after completing 1 month. To withdraw your investment amount you need to notify us by Email or Message through registered mobile number before 1 month in advance. After confirmation from investor firm will return the principle amount along with monthly returns on next due date